Prati Aero s.r.l. is the transformation of the former “Prati Lavorazioni meccaniche” who was founded in 1974 to grow and become an industry leader in the precision machining.
Since the early 2000s the Company targeted the Aerospace sector as a primary business to develop.
Improving competence and capabilities along the journey Prati Aero s.r.l. has been progressivity extending the range of manufacturing solutions thus increasing the value proposition to its Customers.

Our company is now a well-established supplier of choice of some of the world’s largest OEM’s of aerospace and defense equipment’s providing complex built to print machining parts and fully integrated assemblies for engine transmission, hydraulic systems, flight controls and landing gear systems.

“Prati Lavorazioni Meccaniche” Founded by Osvaldo Prati

Targeting the Aerospace industry
Second generation joined the family business boosting new capabilities and technologies

EN 9001 certification

EN 9100 certification
Finalization of the first long term agreement with aerospace customer

Executive Director from UTC joined the Company
to consolidate and develop the business through a medium to long term integrated strategic plan

Change management
Strenghthening organization
Consolidating performance

Acquisition of Woodward and MAG contracts


These three pillars are the foundation of Prati Aero’s Stategy
to relentlessly improve and increase the value added of our support to our custom.